All Alone
2012 | USA | 90 MIN

An over-populated, concrete-filled Los Angeles drives Maggie into fear and isolation. On the edge, her cries for change are neglected by her husband, Ben. When she turns to her dysfunctional but affluent friends, Alex and Kyle, they propose an overnight camping trip to get away from the confines of the city and escape to the solitude of the mountains. They soon realize that the deeper you go in the mountains, the darker it gets as masks are ripped away and secrets are revealed. Accusations lead to violence and desperation fuels an irreversible chain of events. Survival is uncertain…

Director Jon Cellini
Writer Jon Cellini
Based on a Novel by Mandy Levin, Brice Williams
Producers Jon Cellini, Suzy Cote, Mandy Levin, Beth Navarro, Brice Williams, Jim Fabio, Messiah Jacobs
Editor Jim Fabio
cinematographer Derek Fullagar
Sound Black Box Entertainment
Music Steven Main