Daylight Fades
2010 | USA | 101 MIN

Elizabeth, a tough, jaded twenty-three year-old, has a strained relationship with her mother Sarah. She has never met her father, who left Sarah before Elizabeth was born. Sarah is now married to Tim, a recovering alcoholic who used to physically abuse Sarah when he was drunk.

One night, Elizabeth goes out to a bar and meets Johnny, a shy, kind-hearted twenty-three year-old. Elizabeth and Johnny begin dating and quickly grow very close, although she is hesitant to admit how much she needs him. Johnny, however, knows that he’s deeply in love with her. After a couple months of seeing each other, they have a falling out. One night soon after, Johnny is involved in a car accident.

The doctors determine that he doesn’t have long to live.

Seth, a guarded man who appears to be twenty-five, has been watching over Elizabeth. Seth takes it upon himself to save Johnny in the only way that he can: He turns Johnny into a vampire.

Struggling to come to terms with their past, present, and each other, Elizabeth, Johnny, and Seth must do nothing less than discover who they truly are and what they're really capable of. Daylight Fades is a film that explores loss, regret, love, redemption, mortality, and the bonds that can keep us together or pull us apart. It's a story about people who are desperate for a second chance, realizing it may be their last.

Director Brad Ellis
Writers Brad Ellis, Allen C. Gardner
Producer Allen C. Gardner
Executive Producer Ryan Watt
Co-Producers Chris Blancett, Adam Burns, Sean Faust, Mark Norris, Matt Weatherly
Associate Producers Anthony Bradley, Lou Griffith, Daniel Turner, Julianne Watt
Producer Matt Weatherly
director of photography John Paul Clark
Music Sean Faust, Kenton Smith
cast Matthew Stiller, Rachel Miles, Allen C. Gardner, Kim Justis, Dennis Phillippi, Michael Gravois, Clare Grant, Rachel Kimsey