Forbidden Attraction
2010 | USA | 103 MIN

A critically acclaimed psychological thriller, FORBIDDEN TRRACTION tells the story of a young couple who moves to a secluded cabin to cope with the wife’s terminal illness. After the husband rescues a young girl from the abusive hands of her psychotic uncle he is coerced by local law enforcement to allow her to stay with them.

As the illness consumes the wife and the husband struggles with his own human connections, the young girl attempts to claim her place in this strange new family dynamic. The husband must rediscover his humanity and choose between his increasingly erratic and sexually explorative new housemate, and his horrifically deteriorating wife.

Director Michael Escobedo
Writer John Muscarnero
Producers Mark Shady, John Muscarnero, Lee Rudnicki
Executive Producer Dean Gross
Co-Producers Michael Escobedo, Peter Nee
cinematographer Andrew J. Whittaker
Production Design
Music S. Peace Nistades
cast Tracy Coogan, John Muscarnero, Mary Kate Wiles, James Russo