He's Such a Girl
2009 | USA | 83 MIN

A modern twist on the romantic comedy, HE’S SUCH A GIRL is the story of WHITNEY (Bryan Fisher), a straight guy who acts like a stereotypical girl when it comes to relationships.

When his father (Patrick Duffy) dies of a heart attack and his mother flees the country in grief, Whitney finds himself alone in the world…and clutching to the only person left—his girlfriend TAYLOR (Tiffany Dupont).

But Taylor isn’t quite ready for his neediness and has some major family issues of her own. Raised by a conservative mother and father (Ed Begley, Jr.), Taylor has begun doubting where her true affections lie…and whether they lie with men at all. Whitney”s roommate and friend, Aldo (Will Stiles), knows all about Taylor’s doubts and has been using them to blackmail her behind Whitney’s back for years.

Complicating matters even further is Whitney’s new job and his overbearing boss (Alexandra Paul) who believes his job responsibilities include taking care of all of her “needs.” Soon Whitney is not only struggling to keep his girlfriend, but also his job, his apartment, and his sanity!

Desperate to make things work with Taylor, Whitney seeks advice from Aldo, his co-workers, and even the women in his cooking class…leading him to make one hilarious mistake after another. But through it all, Whitney and Taylor learn that finding happiness begins with accepting the truth.

Director Sean Carr
Writer Jimmy Gleacher
Producers Sean Carr, Caryn Shuken, William Cosentino
Executive Producers Mandaar Gokhale, Jonathan Lynn, Teddy Lynn, Lee Einhorn
Co-Producers Phil Marleau, Annie Bergevin
Producer Julie Rogers
cinematographer Adam David Meltzer
Production Design
Music Erik Desiderio
Cast Bryan Fisher, Tiffany Dupont, Will Stiles, Alexandra Paul, Patrick Duffy, Ed Begley, Jr.