Kingdom Come
2014 | Canada | 97 MIN

A group of strangers awake, trapped inside an old abandoned mental hospital. With no apparent way out and no one able to remember how they got there, they begin searching for a way to escape. As they explore the cold, dark maze of corridors they realize they are not alone and that they are being stalked by supernatural forces with sinister intentions. For Sam (Ry Barrett) and Jessica (Camille Hollett-French) keeping Celia, (Ellie O’Brien) the youngest member safe proves to be just as difficult as keeping the group together; as hostilities grow between them. Everyone begins to question each other’s motives as secrets linking their pasts are revealed and that someone within the group is not who they say they are. One by one they begin to disappear. All that is left behind is the devastation and carnage of their demise. As everything and everyone unravels they realize that all the windows have been boarded up from the inside. Not so much to keep them in, but keep whatever evil lurks out. In this place nothing is as it seems and the decisions they make here will seal their fate forever.

Director Greg A. Sager
Writer Greg A. Sager
Screenplay by Greg A. Sager
Executive Producers Dwight Coughlan, Gary Elmer, Robbin McDonnell, David Pegg
Producer Greg A. Sager
director of photography Gary Elmer
Production Design Joe Finlan
Sound Joe Finlan
Music Aaron Gilhuis
cast Ry Barrett, Camille Hollett-French, Jason Martorino, William Foley, Soroush Saeidijo, Jo Karume, Katie Uhlmann, Ellie O'Brien