Small Town Folk
2007 | UK | 90 MIN

There is a place, a place called Grockleton, where high atop a scenic hillside stands the lonely Beesley’s Manor. Governed by the ominous LANDLORD, the area surrounding the Manor is policed by his personal gallery of rogues, such as POOCH, the cross-eyed marksman, PIKE who likes to spot the prey, and DOBBIN who drinks gasoline…straight from the tank.

Always on the lookout for females to carry on the Beesley name (willingly or not), the Landlord keeps a watchful eye over all of his land--and brutally dispatches those outsiders who dare set foot upon it.

When three improbable heroes stumble unsuspectingly onto his land, the quiet beauty of the countryside suddenly erupts in a torrent of blood and violence. Cruelly snared into a menacing hunt and chase, our heroes soon discover that the woods are crawling with a number of different killers—each more vicious and exotic than the last!

Will the Landlord triumph and collect his ‘trophies’ and a future bride? Or will the unlikely trio be victorious against him in his own game?

Imagination Worldwide and Gumboot Pictures are proud to introduce you to the stylish and deadly world of SMALL TOWN FOLK.

Director Peter Stanley-Ward
Writers Natalie Conway, Peter Stanley-Ward
Producers Chris Musselwhite, Chris R. Wright, Natalie Conway, Peter Stanley-Ward
Music David James Nielsen
cast Chris R. Wright, Dan Palmer, Simon Stanley-Ward, Howard Lew Lewis, Warwick Davis, Greg Martin, Jon Nicholas, Hannah Flint