Steel Trap
2007 | Germany | 89 MIN

As an extravagant party unfolds on the top floor of an abandoned towering skyscraper, six different guests receive a mysterious text message inviting them to join an exclusive VIP party being held on the 27th floor of the same building. Once there, the adventurous party-goers discover the same odd image…an empty room decorated with a children’s birthday theme…complete with cupcakes, place settings and name tags written out for each of them: “Pig”, “Loser”, “Two-Faced”, “Heartless”, “Loverboy” and “Your Gracious Host”.

Confused, the group of strangers introduce themselves by their real names before attempting to head back upstairs: One guest who needs no introduction is KATHY KING, the host of a very successful TV cooking show. When the elevator fails to arrive, Kathy and the group try the stairwell…only to find it locked. They are stranded, cut-off from the party above and the exit below. They have been purposely lured and trapped on to this floor, but why? Their only clue lies in a note found beneath the cupcakes; “This little piggy found silver, this little piggy found gold, this little piggy ate my cake, this little piggy had none and this little piggy cried wee, wee, wee all the way to room 2701.”

The group curiously makes their way to room 2701 and are shocked to find a rotting pig’s head waiting for them. Violently stuck onto a spike and dripping blood on the floor, the pig holds another clue in its mouth. The group reluctantly decides to keep following the clues, hoping their situation will improve…but it only gets worse.

Our six strangers are not the only people on the 27th floor…a silent assailant, wrapped in butcher’s leather and armed with a powerful cattle prod is hunting the group throughout the labyrinth of empty offices and derelict hallways.

Kathy and the others may not know one another, but they all share something in common…and they have each been handpicked to play this sadistic and deadly game. To survive they will need to follow each of the macabre clues and uncover what links them together…all the while fending off escalating attacks from their ghastly foe.

With danger around every corner and death on every floor, our cautious group must outrun, outthink and outplay their unseen opponent if they are to have any shot at leaving the building alive…

Director Luis Cámara
Writers Gabrielle Galanter, Luis Cmara
Producers Oliver Simon, Daniel Baur
Executive Producer Dirk Van Der Berg
Producer Wolfgang Weigl
cinematographer Patrick Popow
Production Design Michael Felber
Costume Design Michael Felber
Sound Michael Felber
Music Florian Moser
Cast Georgia Mackenzie, Mark Wilson, Pascal Langdale, Julia Ballard, Joanna Bobin, Annabelle Wallis, Adam Rayner, Frank Maier