The Stranger I Married
2005 | Canada | 90 MIN

Terry Evanshen (DAVID JAMES ELLIOTT, JAG) had it all…Married to his high school sweetheart, the father of three beautiful girls, an ex-pro football player who has earned respect and a good living…It doesn’t get better than this…but it was going to get a lot worse.

In an instant he lost it all.

One evening while driving home to his family, Terry is in a terrible car accident. His body is thrown from his car, nearly dead. After many hours of surgery, Terry is still barely alive, in a deep coma.

According to the doctor, there is little hope he will ever come out of his coma. Eventually, to everyone’s surprise, except for his hopeful wife, Lorraine (WENDY CREWSON, Air Force One and The Sixth Day), Terry regains consciousness.

Unfortunately, Terry’s memory has been completely erased. Everything he was, lived, loved, felt, is gone. He has no identity. With no recollection of his past, he is not the husband/father his family once knew…he is a complete stranger.

Desperate for Terry to regain his memory and be the man they all once loved and remembered, Lorraine insists on taking Terry home, regardless of the doctor’s warning that he is not ready as he cannot control is anger. At home, the doctor’s worse fears become reality and the family that loved him…now fears him.

And now everyday, at any moment…the man who has lost his mind, may erupt…and harm those closest to him.

They all hoped for a miracle…but they’re now living in a nightmare.

Director Helen Shaver
Writer Suzette Couture
Producer Susan Murdoch
Executive Producers Pierre Sarrazin, Suzette Couture, Meyer Shwarzstein
Associate Procuder Julian T. Pinder
Producer Stephen Lawrence
cinematographer François Dagenais
Production Design
Music Christopher Dedrick
Cast David James Elliott, Wendy Crewson, Clare Stone, Tatum Knight, Joshua Close, John Bourgeois, Nanci Chambers, Katie Boland