Dead On Arrival

What if a Zombie had a mind of its own? Where would it go? What would it feel? And would it carry a 30-pound shovel?

XOMBIE: DEAD ON ARRIVAL follows Dirge, a mortally challenged monster with muscles to spare. Armed with reason, and impervious to death, he will face unspeakable horror on his way to reunite a lost little girl with her family. Can he protect a single living soul from certain death? Can he outrun the nebulous forces behind the Zombie plague?

And most importantly, if a monster saves a human life, is it truly a monster after all?

Director James Farr
Writer James Farr
Producer Cindi Rice
Executive Producer John Frank Rosenblum
Co-Producer Sean Fernald
Associate Producers T.C. Harrison, Lawreen E. Kayl,Kenny Yakkel, James Farr, Haley Logan, Julia Nardin, Kira Buckland
Producers Cindi Rice, Sharon Burian
Music Steve Davis
Cast Geoff Edwards, Allison Rupert, Michele Fairney