How Not To Sign A Film Contract
by Roberta Marie Munroe
with contributions from
Michelle Mower, CEO of Imagination Worldwide and
Orly Ravid, entertainment attorney at Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP and founder of The Film Collaborative

Know what you’re saying YES to. Have you ever produced a project from script to screen, and been shut out of the pilot-to-series or short-to-feature deal? Have you ever been stuck in court trying to get your rights back from a bankrupt distributor? Have you ever dealt with talent who won't come on board without an MFN clause? This book is for you! How Not To Sign A Film Contract provides an overview of many legal issues that independent filmmakers encounter from script to screen. Like any good producer, Roberta takes your hand and walks you step by step through the contracts you need for your film, from your most important contract—the one with yourself—to the ones you’ll create with line producers, crew, talent, and distributors. Featuring interviews and advice from some of indie film’s most successful and influential directors, producers, attorneys, television executives, and distribution experts.