A Legacy of Evil
2008 | USA | 96 MIN

Ted Bundy was a young man on the rise. From graduating with a degree in psychology, to his involvement in politics, and law, his charm, good looks, and intelligence, allowed him the perfect cover to coerce and manipulate women into his seemingly harmless VF bug before bludgeoning them and leaving behind a trail of murder. His four year killing spree terrorized co-ed dorm s across America and led the police on a cross country manhunt that would later lead to Ted escaping twice from police custody to continue his murderous habits. While using different identities and disguises to elude capture, Ted finds his way to Florida to commit what becomes his last murders before being caught and tried in a court of law. Using his law school savvy to defend himself in his own murder case, Ted Bundy clearly proved himself to be one of the smartest and most notorious serial killers in the history of America before being convicted and sent to the electric chair in 1989. This film details the dark psyche and previously unexplored motivations of the man who became known as one of the most notorious serial killers to leave behind a legacy of evil.

Director Michael Feifer
Writer Michael Feifer
Producer Michael Feifer
Executive Producer Barry Barnholtz
Associate Producers Melvin Butters, Diane Healey
Producer Roberto Jimenez
director of photography Roberto Schein
Production Design Andres Boulton
Sound Andres Boulton
Music Andres Boulton
cast Corin Nemec, Kane Hodder, Jen Nikolaisen