2010 | UK | 89 MIN

During the snow storms of 1992, a group of environmental activists encamped deep in the remote Englishwilderness are stalked by a deranged psychopath. As night falls the psychopath picks them off one by one culminating in a horrendous massacre. One of the activists escapes and the killer is shot. The dying psychopath is discovered the following day by Policemen, his reign of terror is over!

15 years later, best selling thriller-novelist and newly-wed Susan, relocates from her native California to her husband David’s native England, and buys a picturesque manor house secluded deep in the countryside— the perfect location for a fresh start after having had a mental collapse and in order to complete her long awaited new book. However, soon after settling in Susan is unnerved by disturbances in the house and her dream of tranquility rapidly unfolds into a nightmare.

Plagued by a series of surreal torment seemingly at the hands of the locals after a chilling encounter with Peck— a strange wild local man and woodland stalker—Susan’s isolation intensifies during David’s absences back to London.

As pressure builds for Susan to complete her novel, alone in the house, the disturbances progress into horrifying recurring visions of a massacre—spectral victims slaughtered by the Psychopath! Reality and delusion transcend into one as Susan is pushed to the point of madness. In desperation to convince that the haunting is not a revived symptom of Susan’s previous mental illness, a Medium tries to stop the disturbances but Susan’s cry falls silent and she becomes as much a culprit to the ghostly ‘murders’ as the psychopath of her visions as the creepy tale takes an unsettling triple twist…

Director Reg Traviss
Writer Reg Traviss
Producer Patrick Fischer
Executive Producers Richard Raynesford, Ben Jacques, Philip Gutzwiller, Cyril Moser, Kat Rochell, Rupert Ingram
Producer John Palmer
cinematographer Bryan Loftus
Production Design Jimmy Boyle
Costume Design Jimmy Boyle
Sound Jimmy Boyle
Music Ilan Eshkeri, Scott Shields
Cast Charisma Carpenter, Ricci Harnett, Paul Sculfor, Ty Glaser, Bernard Kay, Sean Chapman, Justin Hawkins