Engaged to Kill
2006 | Canada / USA | 94 MIN

Pediatrician Abby Lord seems to have it all: a marriage to Robert, two children, Maddy 19, and Corey, 14, a beautiful home and a successful career. But everything changes one night when she is kidnapped by a young couple. Though Robert pays the ransom money, everything goes wrong. The kidnappers fight, Abby escapes, and the girl, Sally. The man escapes.

Two months later, Abby is still shaken by the experience. She doesn’t like to leave the house, and is afraid to stay home alone. The family’s finances are in a mess, due to the ransom payment.

Abby is not pleased with Maddy’s new boyfriend, either. Nick is a little older, a gorgeous, wealthy guy, and Abby is uneasy about him. Nick quickly insinuates himself into the family after he thwarts a would-be robber, Carson, getting stabbed in the process. He convinces Maddy to move in with him, with Robert’s approval. And he makes Abby feel bad for not liking him.

Things start to go wrong for the Lord family. A phony American Medical Association investigator gets Abby’s patients to lodge complaints against her, and she loses her job. Robert loses a big account to another firm. And the Lord family finds themselves needing to foreclose on their home. Meanwhile, Maddy comes home and tells Abby that Nick has proposed to her and she accepted. They will marry as soon as she graduates from college.

Abby is sure that Nick is behind the whole thing She goes to the police with her suspicions, but she is laughed out of the building. Nick, meanwhile, offers to loan Robert a large sum of money, interest free, to help the family out. Abby tells Robert that she has a bad feeling about Nick, but Robert insists on meeting Nick at a warehouse in some deserted area of LA. Once there, Robert gets the money—all cash—but when he tries to leave, Carson, who really works for Nick, knocks him out and takes the money.

The police contact Abby and confirm her worst fears—Nick is really the man that kidnapped her. Robert is in danger, and Maddy is with Nick. Carson breaks in while Abby is alone in the house, following Nick’s instructions. Nick brings Maddy back to the house to tell her parents they are moving to Hawaii. Once at the house, Nick shoots Carson point blank. Abby rushes into the room, and Nick stabs Maddy in the same place that his first girlfriend, Sally, was injured. He wants Maddy to die the same way that Sally did. Abby tells Maddy how to apply a tourniquet, then she runs away from Nick. Nick chases after her. Maddy manages to stop the bleeding, and will she stop Nick from hurting her mother?

Director Matthew Hastings
Writer Alan Moskowitz
Producer Scott Kennedy
Executive Producers Robert Mickelson, Matth Hastings, Trisha Robinson, Alan Moskowitz
Producer Garry M.B. Smith
cinematographer Eric J. Goldstein
Music Daryl Bennett
Cast Maria del Mar, Joe Lando, Dominic Zamprogna, Katharine Isabelle, Peter DeLuise, Anne Marie DeLuise