The Return of Joe Rich
2011 | USA | 95 MIN

JOE believed in right and wrong until…His job moved to India. His teaser rate spiked. His wife bailed. But JOE has a plan. To get it all back, and more.

JOE returns home, to the last place on earth, real men can be found...CHICAGO. Where JOE’s UNCLE DOMINIC is “connected”.

JOE wants in…to The Mob. Or, “The Outfit”, as it’s called in Chicago. And he’ll do anything to make it happen.

Can a wanna-be wise guy live a long and happy life?

Director Sam Auster
Writer Sam Auster
Producers Sam Auster, Marol Butcher, Chris Monte, Willie Karidis
Executive Producers Clark Auster, Armande Assante
Producer James Bowman
cinematographer Lance Catania
Music The Umbrella Men, David Craine, Andy Thiele and many others
Cast Sam Witwer, Talia Shire, Armand Assante