The Room
2006 | Belgium | 80 MIN

As the birds and bugs dance in the sunlight outside, one rural family goes about their lives with darkened hearts…

Eldest daughter Melinda (Caroline Veyt) has recently become pregnant. The father’s identity remains a mystery that she closely guards—much to the anger of her own parents; a failed musician (Phillipe Resimont) who plinks away his days on the piano upstairs and an icy mother (Francois Mignon) who hides out in the kitchen. The older couple pick at the beautiful young woman in the bitter way that only unhappy parents can.

For a long time Melinda has been the brightest ray of light in this dark house. She chose to stay at home for the initial stages of her pregnancy to continue caring for her mentally handicapped brother Alex. The wheelchair bound Alex lives his life in front of the television, watching the cartoons and family drama unfold around him. His younger brother often taunts him, but Melinda is usually there to scare the prankster away.

Except that now Melinda is leaving to have her baby.

The family’s last meal together begins as usual, with a lifetime of bickering and regret spoiling the soup that sits before them. But halfway through the meal their ordinary routine is brought to an abrupt halt…Upstairs, at the end of the hallway, a mysterious door has suddenly appeared…and every other door and window in the house has sealed shut.

Not only trapped inside with each other, but with their own dark secrets, each family member must now confront the choices they’ve made in life, the lies they’ve told and the horrible acts they’ve committed…inside…THE ROOM.

Director Giles Daoust
Writer Giles Daoust
Producer Giles Daoust
Executive Producer Giles Daoust
Associate Procuder Emmanuel Jespers
cinematographers Jean-Marie Nicolas, Raphaël Pannier
Costume Design
Music Airlock, Ernst Meinrath, Pierre Mussche
Cast Pascal Duquenne, Maximilien Jouret-Maron, Joe Lewis, Henri Luyckx, Franoise Mignon, Philippe Rsimont, Caroline Veyt